Thursday, August 19, 2010

            ''HOCKEY GROUND''
I love that ground because i have many good but some bad memories with that we were 15 girl in a group me & my cute little sister were the part of that i didn't feel alone or sad or upset because of my sis she always cheer me up well abt my group some of them were of medical & me & more 5 girls were doing engg. whenever our lecture overed we all met at hockey ground we all play too much pranks with many girls in our group a new friend came when we were in 2nd year she was in 1st year she was not our friend she was the best friend or our friend well slowly she became a part of our ''TEEN DIVA'' well in the pic there is some stairs in which we sat. There was a gardner in the ground he was very funny & hard worker he always taunt us to not sit in the stairs but asusual we didn't listened him he always throw the water through pipe on us & we ran. that was the most precious days of our life!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


"Govt Girls College closed for 4 days"

According to details, students protested and created disturbance in Government Girls College Quetta Cantt over alleged misbehavior with a students by a driver of college bus. They also protested and shattered windowpanes of office of Principal. Angry students also beat Principal and other teachers. Some students climbed to roof of the College and chanted slogans. On information Provincial Minister for Higher Education Jan Ali Changezi and provincial Minister for Prosecution Ms Raheela Durrani reached the college.

Speaking on the occasion they said that this college is important and old girls college of the province which would be protected. Responsible would be taken to task and punished. They said a committee has been constituted in which a minister, education department officers and teachers are included. Some students including Shabnam Majeed and Farzana Khan said that few students from a peculiar community were deliberately deteriorating situation in the college and wasting time of other students. They were protesting after misbehavior with their teachers.

According to Spokesman of Balochistan Government, problem emerged at the college yesterday owing to some misunderstanding has been resolved. Spokesman said that due to minor misunderstanding a problem was created among Students and some officials. A committee consisting parliamentarians and officials of education department has been constituted which would meet the parties concerned and submit its recommendations to the government. College has been closed for three days and after return of pleasant academic atmosphere, teaching would start.